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Bespoke Perfume

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 Whether you’re looking for the ultimate signature scent, or an evocative way to perfume your wedding, a bridal fragrance consultation could arm you with one of the most memorable elements of your Big Day.

 In our Perfume Atelier you can take a 3-hour Bespoke Workshop to create your Wedding day perfume for only £450 or £650 for a couple. You will take with you a 50 ml. monogrammed bottle of your unique blend followed by an unforgettable perfume creation experience. We could help to make your Wedding's perfume in style. 

 We have a library of hundreds of perfumery ingredients to make any accord or fragrance note you wish. 

 At the end of the workshop we will open the bottle of sparkles to celebrate the Love of two Souls.

 Select an option below that is suitable for you and we will get in touch with you to discuss the right date and time for you.

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