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my whole life led to this moment 


 A unique opportunity to discover a scent that it is close to your personality. This lot gives you a choice of perfume from the artisan perfume maker's  Exaltatum collection. Each perfume is crafted using the finest quality raw materials and blended by hand. Each scent is very unique, distinctive and, unlike mass produced scents, has a pleasant, long staying power. 

Eglija Vaitkevice is an independent artisan perfumer with qualification from Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP) in France. She has a master degree in Slavic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at Vilnius University in Lithuania. With a background of aromatherapy and natural perfumery, she has been developing Exaltatum brand since 2009. 

 EXALTATUM perfumes are created focusing on a classic French composition and highest quality ETHICALLY sourced ingredients without adding colorants, GMO products, nanomaterials, preservatives.

 We are proud of our ingredients suppliers, who has always been committed to ENVIRONMENTAL protection and SUSTAINABLE development through its CSR policy. One of its aspects is the field of green chemistry, a process that aims to reduce the generation of substances that are damaging the environment.

 We are SLOW fashion business type: we only produce new perfume when we feel it is time to launch it, but not because of marketing purposes.

 The FREEDOM of creation led us to use the highest concentration of natural and rare ingredients in each perfume. This is a reason, why we make our perfumes in small batches and some of them are limited editions.


 We are a TRANSPARENT company, our ingredients are listed on perfume leaflets and boxes. 


 We use only the highest quality glass bottles made in France in the POCHET glass factory. The luxury book-like perfume boxes are made not for recycling, but to keep the perfume inside the box, avoiding sunlight. We hope our perfume books could find the honorable place on your book shelves. We follow the classic, TIMELESS conception making our products.

 We make perfumes in our Lab in London by hand. The perfumes are not tested on animals and are safe to use. 


the name origin and our values


: the act of raising someone or something in importance: the act of exalting someone or something or the state of being exalted;

: a strong sense of happiness, power, or importance.

 The origins of the expression 'exaltatum' come from the Latin language - the 'mother' tongue of European languages and culture which our brand resonates very much. 


 Exaltatum is the philosophy of our brand. We want to emphasize timeless values, beauty and history. We take reference and influence from most inspiring historic examples as well as most beautiful cultural and artistic pieces.


from art, nature to people's stories  

Each individual has different experiences, memories, culture that affects and shapes their lives. Looking in the mirror of oneself you see your personal shadow, your own strengths and demons.


 People see each story or myth in their own perspective unique to them. Therefore, we wish our perfumes to be perceived and associated with each customer’s own memories, beliefs and tell their own individual story.

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