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The new perfume was born!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

🍁Ruby Wood 🍁Eau de parfum

🍁Exploring autumnal woods and London parks is an endless experience. Colorful palette of feelings and emotions touches the inner self. Rose petals slowly falling on the dark, warm earth. The lights passing through autumnal tree leaves play a symphony of emotions. 🍁The eau de parfum Ruby Wood is rose- woody- balsamic floriental scent with the red berry and coffee nuances.

👒Top notes: rose petals, red berries, cassis, tangerine, pink pepper, coriander, cardamom.

👚Heart notes: rose absolute Bulgaria, geranium, jasmine grandiflorum India, raspberry, violet, coffee absolute, patchouli, frankincense.

👠Base notes: myrrh, olibanum, labdanum, oud, sandalwood, musk.

🎈The perfume will be available on our website in 2-3 weeks.

Stay Inspired!


Stay inspired!

Ever Yours,


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