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Secrets disclosed!

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Do you know what is special about my brand EXALTATUM and perfume Ruby Wood? All natural oils, absolutes are listed on the back label. Many companies are hiding their secret ingredients from the consumers, they listed only allergens. Other reason to hide- is a very cheap formula. In my Ruby Wood perfume I used the highest amount of Bulgarian rose absolute, which is equal 2400 roses in one bottle. The 1 kg rose absolute cost about 7000 euro.

I went in a different direction: I love, admire natural oils and want to share my love and passion with my customers. I am open to talk about perfumery, raw materials, creation process, ideas and inspiration behind each perfume. Even I am thinking one day I will teach perfume enthusiasts how to make their own unique perfume.

Could you comment down below which brand or perfumer is also open about the process? I know only one- mysterious and artistic Christophe Laudamiel, whom I admire a lot.

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