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This perfume is very different from other scents in my collection. It is an ethereal, light, watercolour scent.  ​50 ml spray bottle.


I was inspired while visiting Kew Gardens in London in May. Every May there are hundreds of blooming magnolia trees in different sorts, sizes, scents and colours. Usually it is a very rainy season and my inspiration was to create a scent of the water and rain on magnolia trees. 


The symbol of this modern perfume is an American modern dance pioneer Ruth St. Denis. She is not only a very talented performer, but also very feminine. 

Divine Dancer is an ethereal, watercoloured, light, fresh, feminine floral perfume. It is modern and vivacious fruity floral scent .


The Divine Dancer perfume is dedicated to one of the first American modern dance and ballet performers Ruth St. Denis.


Her vibrant and spirited art of dance, influenced by the East and South Asia, her divine body move and incredible costumes made Ruth St. Denis a worldwide well known star. Her body projects as Temple of femininity. 


When the dancer emerged from the darkness of the stage, her presence was immediately captivating, the air suddenly fragrant with her appearance. Adorned in jewels from head to toe, radiant in a special gold sari, her hair crowned in jasmine, she is an embodiment of divine feminine, mirroring the images of goddesses of Lakshmi and Saraswati but with the talented Ruth St. Denis touch of modern dance and ballet movement. 


DIVINE DANCER, eau de parfum 50 ml.

SKU: 0615
  • Top notes:

    guava, cassis, galbanum, magnolia leaf, ocean note

    Heart notes:

    magnolia champaka absolute China, jasminum grandiflorum India, osmanthus absolute China, rose, violet leaves, lily flowers

    Base notes:

    sandalwood, rosewood Peru, musk, violet

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