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Extract de parfum.

Our life is a long journey through good times and difficult times. We carry our inner child through those hardships and hills, trying to protect it, guarding it on the road. 

For me, mimosa flower is a symbol of a beautiful, fluffy pompon, innocent and micro-sized Earth. 

I remember myself at the age of three, dressed in a short puffed mimosa-yellow georgette dress, hiding in the tall, light green grass, experiencing a tremendous sense of bliss and joy. 

This memory follows me all my life. MIMOSA GOLD is a memory of my happy childhood. 

Therefore I encourage you to remember good times in your own childhood while experiencing this perfume.

Now you could understand why I choose a marvellous mimosa dealbata absolute from France and acacia farnesiana from Egypt to create the heart of this perfume, supported with a creamy ylang-ylang from Comoros. They have not only beautiful smell, but are an incarnation of innocence, beauty of Nature and joy. 




MIMOSA GOLD extract de parfum,1 sample 2ml

  • Top notes:

    mirabelle plum, almond flowers, magnolia champaka China, star anise, petitgrain lemon.

    Heart notes:

    acacia farnesiana Egypt, mimosa dealbata France, ylang-ylang Comoros, heliotrope.

    Base notes:

    sandalwood, tonka beans South America, orris, benzoin, patchouli Indonesia, vetiver Haiti.

  • Samantha Scriven on 

    Mimosa Gold has the finest mimosa note I have ever smelled in a perfume. It manages somehow to capture both the honeyed notes of flowers shaped like fluffy pom poms and the earthiness of the warm ground they sprang from.

    Mimosa has the biggest presence, like a bright sun at the centre. Alongside the jaunty yellow puffs are rich almond blossoms, giving this a hint of marzipan to my nose, alongside juicy Mirabelle plum. This is a perfect balance between the archly rich and the temptingly plump, beckoning you in deeper to a blossom covered copse of enchantment and memory. Mimosa, Acacia and ylang ylang blended with such finesse, are what gives this fragrance everything a bee could wish for. Its honeyed glow wreathes delicately around you as the sun sets. (longevity is excellent, incidentally). After a joyful day of idyllic nostalgia, warm base notes of sandalwood and cosy tonka beckon you indoors to wrap you in a comforting warmth like loving arms. Even when you wake the next day, little dustings of pollen will throw a teasing glimpse of contentment your way, dancing like dust motes, or maybe very tiny fairies. 

    Mimosa Gold is both the flower and the light that tinges the edge of the Polaroid. It’s you in a more innocent time, before taxes, bills and schedules. It’s you when nature was your playground and you believed in fairies.  Exaltatum Mimosa took me to a place I never wanted to leave.

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