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Eglija wrote: The perfume Pergola is a classic fougere with the dominant natural narcissus, tuberose, hay and treemoss. "The Pergola is a mysterious place in London Hampstead Heath park, where many films were filmed and happy Londoners enjoy and relax. It’s a very poetic and romantic place. Since young age I discovered English literature and poetry through master Lord George Gordon Byron. His quote < I love not man less, but nature more> describes my passion and love of Nature. I love movies and theatre. I always endeavour to create perfumes that are like theatrical characters. This time Lord Narcissus and Lady Tuberosa are playing main characters."



PERGOLA eau de perfume, 1 sample 2ml

  • Top notes:

    Bergamote, petitgrain, green notes, grass, ginger


    Heart notes:

    Narcissus, tuberose, jasmine grandiflorum, violet leaves, myrtle, Lily-of-the-Valley, English ivy, ylang-ylang, galbanum, hyacinth,  Reseda


    Base notes:

    Hay absolute, clary sage, patchouli, vetiver, styrax, beeswax, treemoss

  • Elena Cvjetkovic on Cableurebon website: Green. Bright, fresh, and new, all around. From lime to sage green, unmasked chlorophyll in all its might! Healing green, the most relaxing color there is, a symbol of growth and rebirth, of life! I wanted to touch the green, to embrace it, to rejoice in it like a little child. To feel the old, eternal and yet so new touch of wet, cold fresh grass under my feet, with dandelions and daisies singing songs of spring.

    Pergola by Eglija Vaitkevice/PerfumeExaltatum: A beautifully constructed neo-vintage Fougere fragrance, soul-awakening fresh and featuring 50 shades of lavishly blended green, angelic, gentle, soothing green. A green you want to remember forever, to breathe in and soak yourself into, rejuvenating spring green!

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