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​Exploring autumnal woods and London parks is an endless experience. Colorful palette of feelings and emotions touches the inner self. Rose petals slowly falling on the dark, warm earth. The lights passing through autumnal tree leaves play a symphony of emotions.


The eau de parfum Ruby Wood is rose- woody- balsamic floriental scent with the red berry and coffee nuances. The perfume was created by Eglija Vaitkevice in 2018.


eau de Parfum 

2ml sample

RUBY WOOD eau de perfume, 1 sample 2ml

  • Top notes​​: rose petals, red berries, cassis, tangerine, pink pepper, coriander, cardamom.


    Heart notes​​: rose absolute Bulgaria, geranium, jasmine grandiflorum India, raspberry, violet, coffee absolute, patchouli, frankincense.


    Base notes​​: myrrh, olibanum, labdanum, oud, sandalwood, musk.


    (Packed in a small box with informational leaflet).

  • We are delighted to share with you some Ruby Wood moments from the perfume review on Ana y el Perfume blog: 


    "... [the] Ruby Wood is a caramelized rose with red fruits facets in an interesting combination with warm resins that play around a green, bright and slightly metallic veil of darkness. The rose is jammy, lively and sensually playful. Its sweetness is intensified with drops of caramel, tangy raspberry and spicy cardamom, and sustained by a noticeable obscurity created by the presence of the labdanum which paired with patchouli and coffee provides a woody, earthy, resinous, intense tannin-like quality that cuts through the pungency of the rose resulting in a sweet and tick red aged wine-like aroma. There are some smoky aspects in the aperture reminiscent of frankincense that join the aromatic warm bitterness of the myrrh and give the impression of smoked pine needles in the same vibe as Ecstasy by Tiziana Terenzi, but in its own un-coniferous and natural smelling way. The dry down is almost entirely monopolized by the candied labdanum with rosy specks infused in the creamy woodiness of a slightly sour sandalwood. Marketed as an oriental floral, I'd say that Ruby Rose plays a major role on the gourmand territory, more than it does it on the floral one, and offers a beautiful olfactory experience to anyone with fondness for sweet and rosy-woods.... "


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