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The floriental baroquesque parfum St. Paul's embodies an adoration and admiration to the spectacular era of Baroque. This style in architecture, music, art, sculpture demonstrates exalted movements, clear details, intense light and dark shadows, emotional exuberance, richness, extravaganza, which distinct baroque from other style. 


The English baroque represents iconic St. Paul's Cathedral, which dome has long dominated the London skyline. 


The perfume opens with the precious orange flower and jasmine absolutes with a hint of dried and juicy fruits, contrasting with the darker woody and balsamic base. 


50 ml. spray bottle.

ST. PAUL'S, extract de parfum 50 ml.

SKU: 0315
  • Top notes:

    bergamot Italy, pear, pink pepper South America, cardamon Guatemala, mandarin Italy

    Heart notes:

    orange flower extract Tunisia, jasmin sambac India, jasmin grandiflorum India, dates, labdanum Spain

    Base notes:

    tolu balsam, vanilla bourbon Reunion, sandalwood Mysore, vetiver Haiti, patchouli Indonesia, frankincense, amber.


  • Stephan Matthews: St. Paul’s opens with a rush of bergamot and pear that gives an expansiveness, but very quickly a cardamom touched jasmine appears and adds the florality of altar offerings. The floral is wonderfully enveloping and bends, rather than succumbs, to what follows. The resinous aromas of labdanum and tolu balsam combine with notes of sandalwood and cedar to give a waxed wood quality. However, the expansiveness again returns thanks to an exquisitely balanced vetiver and patchouli pairing that adds a dryness to the scent. With a final cloud of sweetened frankincense, this baroque inspired scent really is a fragrance to worship.-

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