The perfume was inspired by walks along  the fast flowing and vibrant River Thames in London.



By Serpentine

The perfume was inspired by contemplation at the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London.

Nature and people come together to celebrate the summer Solstice. Light tobacco smoke rises above the tall grass, drowning merry people in its sweet cloud.

Ripe berries and plant seeds attract park squirrels and other animals. White Royal swans fall asleep in the pond. A light breeze ripples the surface of the water.
The mystical snake (serpent) rustles on the dewy evening grass and disappears into the fern, frightening the screaming birds.
Everything around is immersed in a bohemian night.

Exaltatum perfumes are inspired by my own memories and personal stories. Therefore, I wish my perfumes to be perceived and associated with each customer’s own memories, beliefs and tell their own original story.

Eglija Vaitkevice, perfumer

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