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Pink Sugar
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Love is in the air

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Luca Turin about Pergola

Pergola (Exaltatum)

Exaltatum is run from London by the Lithuanian model and perfumer Eglija Vaitkevice. One of the delights of sampling arcane niche fragrances is that you never know which artistic style the next fragrance you smell will belong to, a bit like a playlist that included both Hildegard von Bingen and Harry Styles. Exaltatum would be something like Weber, i.e. high romanticism mixed with forest spirits. Pergola is a properly composed, complex, high quality floral in an odd naive-grand manner that I find very interesting and is the end-point of accumulated skill on the part of artisan perfumers. It smells fresh-green floral without ever revealing any particular raw material, and works beautifully all the way to a honeyed fougère drydown.

Luca Turin about By Serpentine

By Serpentine (Exaltatum)

The name refers to a 40-acre elongated pond in London’s Hyde Park, and in addition has the Slavic charm of uncertain use of definite articles, as in starting a sentence with the word “Brain” but then moving on to “the Moscow”. This is another complex pepper-fruity orchestral composition, perhaps less immediately interesting than Pergola, but very skilful nonetheless.



Eglija about perfume


The perfume was inspired by contemplatioat the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London.

Nature and people come together to celebrate the summer Solstice. Light tobacco smoke rises above the tall grass, drowning merry people in its sweet cloud.

Ripe berries and plant seeds attract park squirrels and other animals. White Royal swans fall asleep in the pond. A light breeze ripples the surface of the water.
The mystical snake (serpent) rustles on the dewy evening grass and disappears into the fern, frightening the screaming birds.
Everything around is immersed in a bohemian night.

My perfumes are my personal

reflection of my mind and feelings.

 Exaltatum perfumes are inspired by my own memories and personal stories. Therefore, I wish my perfumes to be perceived and associated with each customer’s own memories, beliefs and tell their own original story.


 I just want to share friendship, happiness and joy in the bottle with you.


Eglija Vaitkevice, perfumer

Perfume Collection 

Ana Stoian

OSMANTHUS NOBLE  is a traditional elegant fragrance that plays with a soft and sensual suede chord on a cold and dusty iris and warm heart of tobacco...

A complex fusion of powdery suede with thrilling peachy tonalities and subdued osmanthus with a simplistic elegance.

The Plum Girl - Elena

The RUBY WOOD feels like a thick, soft, and delicious duvet made of caramelized ruby-red rose petals. Lush, thick, velvety meaty, dark red rose petals, the ones you want to dive into. It brought comfort to me when I needed it. It made me a most delicious bed of roses I don’t want to get out of today.

Stephan Matthews

 With a wonderful feeling of faded grandeur and scented secrets, I explore PERGOLA... truly is theatrically majestic..

It transports you back to the heyday of that decadent walkway. You get a real impression of its heritage from touches of resins and moss. 


















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